Rocco Oliveto

Professore Associato

Dipartimento di Bioscienze e Territorio

UniversitÓ degli Studi del Molise

86090 Pesche, Italia

I am Associate Professor at University of Molise (Italy), where I am also the Chair of the Computer Science program and the Director of the Laboratory of Computer Science and Scientific Computation (CSSC Lab). I co-authored over 100 papers on topics related to software traceability, software maintenance and evolution, search-based software engineering, and empirical software engineering. My activities span various international software engineering research communities. I have served as organizing and program committee member of several international conferences in the field of software engineering. I was program co-chair of ICPC 2015, TEFSE 2015 and 2009, SCAM 2014, WCRE 2013 and 2012. I was also keynote speaker at MUD 2012.